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EcoGreen lawn care is a landscaping company that has a long history of beautifying properties in Fairview Village, PA. We’ve built many trusted relationships in this area and this has only been possible by consistently delivering excellence. Our turf experts understand the soils and conditions unique to this area. Our main focus is building your vision of outdoor living to standards that will ensure that the beauty lasts.

Proper care of your lawn, in all its detail, requires coordination and equipment. However, this doesn’t mean it should be a chore. Unless you have time and materials on hand, it may be cheaper for you to hire a professional who already has everything they need to keep everything running smoothly. Our lawn care professionals can handle far more than you would on your own, in a more efficient manner. They will show up every week at the same time to handle your landscaping tasks.

EcoGreen Lawn Care provides Organic Lawn Care, Mosquito Control, Tick and Flea Control, Traditional Lawn Care, Perimeter Pest Control, Supplemental Services, Tree and Shrub Care, and Spotted Lanternfly Control.

Our programs are designed to give you a thick, green, healthy lawn while also improving the soil. We make the best recommendations for your lawn and can follow through like no other company.

Let us show you what your lawn can be. Become an EcoGreen customer and not only will you have a lush green lawn but you will have peace of mind. 

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  Near Fairview Village, PA 19409

Our clients from Fairview Village backyard is landscape and made for outdoor entertaining but with the start of spring they started to have issues w/ mosquitos. They tried sprays, candles and bracelets but nothing really worked consistently until they hir

James G.