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There are many beautiful and inspiring landscapes in Earlington, PA. If you have stopped to admire a breathtaking landscaping job in this area, chances are that it is the work of highly skilled professionals from EcoGreen lawn care. Your landscaping is the extension of your home. Our team knows how to handle your specific lawn to keep it healthy and attractive. Let us show you what your lawn can be.

However, there are far more benefits to our landscaping services than making your yard look pretty. Our landscaping job is known to reduce allergies and provide shade, among other benefits. Landscaping can also provide protection against pollution and erosion. Our organic lawn fertilizers are designed to remain on crops longer allowing them an extended period of time to absorb them as the growing season progresses.

Besides Organic fertilizers, EcoGreen Lawn Care also offers Traditional environmentally sensitive lawn care, Mosquito Control, Tick and Flea Control, Perimeter Pest Control, Supplemental Services, Tree and Shrub Care, and Spotted Lanternfly Control.

Our non-toxic solutions for pest control will keep your lawn looking green and healthier than ever. We will apply chemical control processes that will only eliminate unwanted flora and fauna. We will go the extra mile to preserve flower bushes, honey bees, and other welcome attractions.

When the time comes to sell your home, landscaping can significantly increase the value of your property. Remember, the landscaping is one of the first things potential buyers will notice when they show up to look at your home.

Become an EcoGreen customer and not only will you have a lush green lawn but you will have peace of mind. 

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