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EcoGreen Lawn Care is a local lawn service company that prides itself on honesty and communication with our customers in cities in Bucks County. We provide superior customer service and years of industry experience and knowledge. We offer Traditional and Organic lawn care programs that will give you a thick, green lawn while also providing season-long control of weeds and crabgrass. We make the best recommendations for your lawn and can follow through like no other company. We offer the following programs and services in cities in Bucks County:

Traditional Lawn Care Program – consists of 6 treatments performed March – November, including season-long control of weeds and crabgrass and free service calls. This custom-blended synthetic and organic fertilizer blend produces a beautiful, lush green turf while increasing organic content in the soil.

Organic Lawn Care Program – consists of 7 treatments performed March – November, including season-long control of weeds and crabgrass and free service calls. Our organic lawn care program includes all-natural fertilizer, soil conditioners, compost tea, liquid corn gluten, and weed control. This program is truly organic, not “organic based,” in which chemicals and synthetic products are frequently included.

Services Offered:

EcoGreen Lawn Care

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Cities we are serving in Bucks County

Work Performed Below are projects we have completed for clients and the cities they were in along with client reviews.

  Near Rolling Hill, New Hope Borough, PA 18938

Eliminate those annoying pests in your lawn with the EcoGreen Lawn Care in New Hope Borough pest program. Enjoy the Summer without the bugs.

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  Near Comfort, Solebury Township, PA 18938

Achieve the healthy lawn of your dreams with EcoGreen Lawn Care programs in Solebury Township. Call today!

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  Near Lakeview, New Hope Borough, PA 18938

At EcoGreen Lawn Care in New Hope Borough, we use IPM, or Integrated Pest Management, to identify the best way to solve pest problems while minimizing risk to people and the environment.

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  Near Cuttalossa, Solebury Township, PA 18938

Get the best organic gardening services in Solebury Township. Contact us today for a free estimate. We also offer lawn care service!

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  Near Brighton, Solebury Township, PA 18938

EcoGreen Lawn Care is an affordable lawn care company in Solebury Township. We have been using them for three years and are grateful for their hard work.

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  Near Log Cabin, Bedminster Township, PA 18944

EcoGreen Lawn Care's traditional lawn care program in Bedminster Township will make your lawn lush, green, and healthy. Call Today!

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  Near Cedar, Bedminster Township, PA 18944

EcoGreen's exclusive lawn care programs provide the right balance of weed control and fertilizer to help maximize your lawn's grass throughout the seasons. Learn More Today!

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  Near Derby, Plumstead Township, PA 18902

Do you want your lawn or yard to be dense, green, and carpeted throughout the spring, summer, fall, and winter? Then contact EcoGreen Lawn Care in Plumstead Township today!

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  Near Cephas Child, Plumstead Township, PA 18902

Our lawn care programs use custom-blend synthetic and organic fertilizer, which produces beautiful, lush green turf while increasing the soil's organic content.

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  Near Kellers Church, Bedminster Township, PA 18942

EcoGreen Lawn Care offers Bedminster Township lawn weed control and organic fertilizer services. Improve your lawn and landscape with effective lawn care programs today!

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