Organic Perimeter Pest Control by EcoGreen

Organic, Safe, and Effective.

Organic, Safe, and Effective

Perimeter pest control is commonly used for managing a variety of pests, such as ants, spiders, cockroaches, termites, and other crawling insects.

This is an organic program that consists of treating around the foundation, windows and doors of a home creating a barrier that keeps pests out. A few of the hundreds of pests that are effected are ants, stinkbugs, termites, roaches and spiders. Four treatments are performed from March through October.

  • Kid Safe
  • Pet Safe
  • Earth Safe

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Perimeter Pest Control Includes:

Eliminate Hundreds of Pests

A few of the hundreds of pests that are effected are ants, stinkbugs, termites, roaches and spiders.

Treats Foundation, Windows & Doors

We focus on the places these pests like to use to get onto your house and cause problems.

Barrier Protection

We create a barrier of protection to keep bugs out of your home.

Perimeter pest control?

Perimeter pest control is a method used to prevent and manage pests around the exterior of a property, creating a barrier that helps keep pests from entering the premises. The goal is to establish a protective perimeter that inhibits pests from reaching the interior of a home, office, or other structures

How it Works?

Typically involves the application of insecticides or other pest control products around the outside perimeter of a building. Common areas of application include along the foundation, around windows and doors, in mulched or landscaped areas, and along potential entry points for pests. The idea is to create a protective boundary that acts as a deterrent for pests, reducing the likelihood of infestations inside the building.

How Perimeter pest control should be applied?

The frequency of perimeter pest control applications depends on several factors, including the type of pests, the severity of the pest problem, and the specific product used. However, a general guideline for most perimeter pest control treatments is to apply four treatments from March through October.

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