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Organic Lawn Care

This program is truly organic, chemical & synthetic free

Our Organic lawn care program includes all natural fertilizer, soil conditioners, compost tea, liquid corn gluten and weed control.  We service cities in four counties: Montgomery County, Chester County, Delaware County, and Bucks County.

This program will provide season long control of weeds and crabgrass, and free service calls. Our organic lawn care service is truly organic, not “organic based” where chemicals and synthetic products are frequently included. It has proven results and is cost effective.

EcoGreen Lawn Care is the authorized applicator for the Bee Safe lawn care system in Southeastern PA. Bee Safe is the industry leader in organic lawn care, serving several high profile properties such as Harvard University (Quad), Universal Studios Orlando, Florida, Portland Sea Dogs home field (Boston Red Sox minor league team) and the city of Scarborough, Maine.

  • All Natural FertilizerAll Natural Fertilizer
  • Seasonal Weeds & Crabgrass ControlSeasonal Weeds & Crabgrass Control
  • Free Service CallsFree Service Calls

Organic Lawn Care Includes:

  • All Natural Fertilizer

    Your lawn may be small, but the cumulative impact of pesticide, fertilizer, and water use is huge. Using chemicals on your lawn, can run off and hurt the wild lands or water sources near you, as well as harm you, your family, and your neighbors.

    When you go organic there are clear benefits including your lawn will be healthier, the environment will be healthier, and you will be healthier. On top of these, you’ll save time and money.

  • Seasonal Weeds & Crabgrass Control

    Lawn weeds are a persistent problem for homeowners. Weeds find their way into your yard in many ways including wind, birds, your lawnmower, and even your feet can bring weed seeds to your lawn. The soil itself contains weed seeds, many of which remain viable for over 50 years. Weed and crabgrass control are part of our organic lawn care program.

  • Free Service Calls

    Sometimes you have questions or issues. We are proud to offer free service calls as part of our organic lawn care program.

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